Fire Department

DSC00325rvWright – Tallmadge Fire Department

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  • Fire Chief : Mike Gavin
  • Deputy Chief: Jon Alkema
  • Capt. : Marty Fish, Kyle McClellan
  • Lt. :  James Foster, David Schrunk, Brandon Cramer

Click on the link below for the 2021 Year End report:

2021 Year End Report

Business Registry

The Wright-Tallmadge Fire Department wants to ensure they have the most up to date information regarding this facility. In order to accomplish this, we are asking all commercial and industrial locations in our response area to fill out a business registry form. Please click the link below to access the registry form.

Business Registry Form

Hydrant Access

If there is a hydrant near your home or business, please clear the snow to keep it accessible during winter.


In 2020, we received the ISO analysis of our fire suppression services. Most insurers use this classification for underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our previous rating has been 06/10. Starting July 2021 our rating is now 05/10. The lower number normally indicates lower insurance premiums.

Safety and Community Relations

Many of our Fire Fighters volunteer their personal time to teach fire education and preparedness at local schools as well as civic and church organizations. Recent activities included the Open House at Tallmadge Township and the Haunted Fire Station at Wright Township. Members donate many hours of time planning and staffing these events.

Avoid Panic!

Make a plan and practice the plan NOW! Reinforce what your kids have been taught in school and by their local Fire Fighters. Specify the emergency exits from each room and set an outdoor meeting place.

Smoke and CO Detectors

Keep your family safe and minimize property damage by frequently checking the batteries.

New Brush Truck & Medical Unit

The Wright-Tallmadge Fire Department needed to replace the utility box on the back of our 2000 Ford F-350 Medical Unit due to deterioration. The truck’s chassis is still in excellent shape. Upon final determination of this cost, we decided to “look outside of the box”. We found that we could purchase a new 2014 Ford Explorer to serve as a Medical Unit AND convert the F-350 chassis into a brush truck for nearly the same cost as just replacing the medical utility box on the F-350. The new Medical unit has been purchased and is now in service.

The 2000 Ford F-350 chassis is in the process of being converted into a brush truck and should be in service soon. This will replace our vintage 1951 military brush truck. A great deal of this conversion is being done by members of the department to help save on the cost.

DSC00344rvEmergency Access on Private Driveways

There are several driveways in our jurisdiction that are overgrown with brush and trees. This makes access to these homes difficult in case of emergencies, especially for the larger trucks. We ask that homeowners clear/trim driveways to 16 feet height by 16 feet width.

Can We Find Your House?

To assist in locating your house, you can purchase a green & white reflective address sign from the Firemen’s Assoc. Cost is currently $15.00 which includes the sign and post, as well as installation. Order Forms are available at both twp. offices and online.

Burn Permits

Persons may burn solid household waste from one and two family homes in an approved container, as long as it does not create a smoke or odor nuisance. No plastics, rubber, etc. Paper, Cardboard and Wood Only.

Burning permits are required by the State of Michigan for burning brush, etc.  The burning of construction materials is prohibited.

Small recreational camp fires are permitted for food preparation or recreation.
Large “BON” fires are not permitted.

Burning permits can be obtained by calling the Fire Chief’s Office Monday thru Friday at 677-1610 or the Tallmadge Twp. Office at 677-1248.