Tallmadge Historical Collection

history1Tallmadge Township historical records and documents are available for viewing and to help aid in research at the Tallmadge Township Hall. Information that has been gathered, cataloged and preserved over the years is incredible.

These records are made possible through Loekie and Henry Boersma. They have worked over 10 years on this project and have collected an amazing amount of records and documents that they have indexed and alphabetized. They have and still are dedicating many hours and are available through appointments to help answer questions. They have vast knowledge of the Tallmadge Township history and play an instrumental role in preserving our history. THANK YOU to both of them for all of their hard work and dedication.

Pictures, newspaper articles, school records dating back from 1843, obituaries, interviews with families, tax records dating back to 1875 is just a sample of what will bring you back in time. The information posted on this website is intended to give you an overview of what is available and does not do this collection justice. Our goal is to let people know that this information is here.


Township Books
These books provide a wealth of information about the township, boards and people. They include the 1800’s and 1900’s.

Plat Maps
These maps date back to 1864.

history2Tax Record Books
These books date back to 1875.

School District Records
Volume I and Volume II. These are the original school district reports that are actual records of the schools dating back to 1843. Also included in this collection are the original fractional school records. There were 2 townships attending the same school at one time.

Loose Papers Information
This is information that has been collected over the years and catalogued. There are Election Documents, accounts of Town Board Meetings, Road Warrants, Chattel Mortgages (original and arranged by name).

Coopersville Observer
There are 5 volumes of books from 1881-1960 for obituaries that are indexed by names and maiden names. Articles of Tallmadge and Lamont stories 1881-1939 from the Coopersville Observer copied from microfiche and indexed intensively by name, churches, topics, etc. There are also listings of Anniversaries.

Tallmadge Census Books
Records from 1840-1930 for the township. The master book is indexed by name.

Interviews with Families
There are 75, 100, 175 year families that have been in our community. The interviews talked about family, farms, churches and helped sketch out our history on buildings and happenings in those time periods. This increasing portfolio of interviews and pictures is amazing. There are 7 books of interviewing with over 50 families.

There are many cemeteries in Tallmadge Township. There are Bible records from Beuthel Church (1784-1859), information on the Church Cemetery, Rosedale Cemetery (1928-1991), Elmwood Cemetery and Maplewood Cemetery. There is also information included on Marne Cemetery and St. Mary’s Cemetery in Wright Township.

“100 Years of Land Owners”
This is a book compiled and written by Loeki Boersma in July of 2000 for 100 years from 1849-1949.